My Two Minutes of Fame: Fan Correction: Admiral Ackbar Isn't Pronounced Like That!

You'll recall that some time ago I posted a video correcting Conan O'Brien's mispronunciation of Admiral Ackbar's name.

Well, Conan decided to respond to me on his show last night. Here's the clip below.

I should have realized that it would have been just like Lucas to make more changes!

For the record: I filmed my rant in my bedroom. That's my bookshelf right behind me. Yes, I use a storage rack as a bookshelf.

Well, that was a lot of fun. Thanks for selecting my video, Conan!

(P.S. the comments on the YouTube video are hilarious! Some seriously humor-impaired people seemed to have totally missed the point of this recurring segment of Conan's show. Really entertaining, though.)


  1. "That's a real name." LOLOL


  2. OK, that was funny. Great job Steve.


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