In Case You Missed It

The Church’s conspiracy to hide all of its most damning historical embarrassments grows deeper! In case you missed it, these items from the Church’s Gospel Topics website are excellent resources. The topics thus far covered are: 1. First Vision Accounts 2. Race and the Priesthood 3. Are Mormons Christian? 4. Plural Marriage and Families in Utah … Read more

Die schöne Müllerin (Part 1)

A part of what I want to do on this blog is highlight some of my favorite pieces of German literature, poetry, music, film, etc. I thought a perfect place to start would be by going through Wilhelm Müller’s 1820 poetry cycle Die schöne Müllerin (the beautiful [female] miller). What’s so wonderful about this poetry … Read more

Some Thoughts on Literary Borrowing

John H. Walton From the evangelical biblical scholar John H. Walton. When comparative study is carried out at this conceptual or cognitive level, some adjustments in methodology need to be made. When literary pieces are being compared to consider the question of dependency among them, the burden of proof has been on the researcher to … Read more