Die schöne Müllerin (Part 3)

“Das Haus, wie so traulich!”

The brooklet has led the wandering miller out of the woods and to the mill. The third poem in the cycle (“Halt!”) is the miller’s first impression and reaction to coming across his new home.

Eine Mühle seh ich blicken        I see a mill looking
Aus den Erlen heraus,                from out of the alder trees.
Durch Rauschen und Singen     Through the roaring and the sining
Bricht Rädergebraus.                 the sound of wheels breaks.

Ei willkommen, ei willkommen,       Ah, welcome! Ah, welcome!
Süßer Mühlengesang!                       Is the sweet song of the mill!
Und das Haus, wie so traulich!         The house, how cozy!
Und die Fenster, wie blank!              The window, how brilliant!

Und die Sonne, wie helle            And the sun, how bright
Von Himmel sie scheint!             from the sky it shines!
Ei, Bächlein, liebes Bächlein,      O, brooklet! Lovely brooklet,
War es also gemeint?                   Was this so destined?

The soaring optimism and hopeful expectation of the miller can hardly be contained as he first encounters the cozy little mill. This will set the tone for the story for the next couple of poems. Not until the dastardly hunter comes rolling around some time later in the story will the tone dramatically shift.

Once again, I cannot help but notice the almost supernatural nature of the brooklet. The miller asks if the brooklet has in some way effected his destiny, as if the brooklet has some sort of other-worldly power.

Here now is Schubert’s rendition.