Shalom aleichem! Welcome to Mr. So-and-So’s Mormon Blog!

Anyone who
is lucky (or unfortunate) enough to have stumbled upon this blog may be
wondering, “Where the heck does the name Ploni Almoni come from?”
The name
Ploni Almoni comes from the book of Ruth in the Old Testament.

No sooner had Boaz gone up to the
gate and sat down there than the next-of-kin, of whom Boaz had spoken, came
passing by. So Boaz said, ‘Come over, friend; sit down here.’ And he went over
and sat down. (NRSV Ruth 4:1)

The word
translated as “friend” in Hebrew is, you guessed it, פלני אלמני. (Hebrew is hard enough to do on a computer by itself, let alone with the vowels. As such, I think most of my Hebrew on this blog, unless it’s really necessary, will be without the vowels.) The basic
function of ploni almoni in Hebrew is as an alias meaning “Joe Schmo,” or “John Doe,” or “Mr.
So-and-So.” I chose this name not because I want to conceal my identity, but rather because I am just a random guy (a “Mr. So-and-So”) sharing some of my thoughts.

So, what will be discussed on Mr. So-and-So’s Mormon blog? Anything I feel
like! Mostly Mormon stuff, as you might guess, as well as stuff related to my
two areas of academic study (Ancient Near Eastern Studies and German Studies).
But I may occasionally venture out into other topics: popular culture,
literature, politics, music, etc.

I will also probably cross-post stuff I write elsewhere, like the BYU Student
, the FairMormon BlogInterpreter, etc. I will also
use this blog to draw attention to what other friends and acquaintances of mine
post on their own blogs.
About Me

I suppose
it’s customary to do a little “about me” thing, isn’t it? Okay, why
not? Everything you need to know about me for the purposes of this blog you can find here and here.

I’ll permit
comments on my blog under the following conditions:
1. The
comments are constructive and contribute to the discussion. I don’t mind people
expressing disagreement (even if it is vehement disagreement), so long as the
disagreement doesn’t create trouble or inordinate contention.

2. The
comments are free from obscenities or vulgarities.

3. The
comments don’t violate standards of common decency and Internet etiquette.
Mr. Almoni
reserves the right to delete comments as he wishes–especially if they violate
any of the three rules above. (For the rationale behind why I reserve the right
to do such on my own blog, see the persuasive arguments presented by Emperor
Palpatine here.)
With all of
that out of the way, all I can now say is: 

Willkommen! Eintritt auf eigene Gefahr!

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