The Present Participle Post

Inspired by my friend Amanda’s post here.

Making: Myself look like a fool All.The.Time.
Cooking: Do microwavable pizzas count?
Drinking: Mostly water and milk, with a splash of cranberry juice to keep me sane.
Reading: Nathan der Weise by G. E. Lessing, Gedichte by J. W. Goethe, Was Bleibt by C. Wolf, and Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament by J. H. Walton.
Wanting: Money for an Xbox One. It will take some time. I can only donate so much blood plasma at once.
Looking: Like something that fell out of the back of a hearse.
Playing: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.
Wasting: Any chance of a successful career by investing in two worthless (but awesome) majors.
Sewing: What is this, 1820?
Wishing: You were somehow here again. What a great song!
Enjoying: A modicum of sanity.
Waiting: For my article on the cosmology of the Book of Abraham to finally be published.
Liking: Not anything on Facebook, if that’s what you mean.
Hearing: The hip hop ballades of Karmin. Also, The Killers. Anything by The Killers. Anything.
Wondering: If I’m ever going to escape this banal existence (i.e. Provo).
Loving: [File not found]
Hoping: That my time spent writing on this blog won’t be wasted.
Marveling: At how awesome those mountains right outside my window are.
Needing: See my answer for “sewing” above.
Smelling: Teen spirit.
Wearing: The PJs of champions: basketball shorts and a long sleeve shirt.
Following: The Bing Bang Theory. Will Sheldon ever end up with Amy?
Noticing: That this semester is going by really fast.
Knowing: That deconstructionalism/poststructuralism is kinda goofy, but also kinda profound.
Thinking: With my professor about what the heck deutero-Isaiah is doing in the Book of Mormon.
Feeling: Really antsy about getting into grad school.
Bookmarking: Too many to list here.
Opening: Up to the very real likelihood of me working for my sister right after graduating.
Giggling: No.