Color Pictures of the Three Witnesses

Bryce Haymond over at the Interpreter website has posted some nifty colorized pictures of the Three Witnesses (David Whitmer, Martin Harris, and Oliver Cowdery) to the Book of Mormon.

David Whitmer (January 7, 1805 – January 25, 1888)
Martin Harris (May 18, 1783 – July 10, 1875)
Oliver Cowdery (October 3, 1806 – March 3, 1850)
The testimony of the Three Witnesses (along with the testimony of the Eight Witnesses) have been printed together in every edition of the Book of Mormon since 1830.
Critics of the Church have tried desperately to dismiss or invalidate the testimony of the witnesses. Some of them (like Dan Vogel) are rather clever, whereas others (like Grant Palmer) are just sad. I think Richard Lloyd Anderson’s 1981 book Investigating the Book of Mormon Witnesses is one of the best books on the subject. Anderson’s subsequent scholarship on the witnesses, much of which can be accessed here, is also good. Then there’s Steven C. Harper’s 2010 article in the Religious Educator that follows Anderson’s fine scholarship. Finally, one should also neglect neither the work of Daniel C. Peterson (here and here, for example) nor the indomitable FairMormon Wiki that addresses criticisms of the witnesses.
In my own estimation, the collective weight of the testimonies of the witnesses is powerful and convincing.