Some Photos

From left to right: Richard E. Bennett, president of the Mormon History Association and Chair of Church History and Doctrine at BYU (and my former professor), Mr. Almoni, and Brent L. Top,  dean of religious education at BYU. The occasion is my acceptance of an award for my presentation “Psalm 82: A Latter-day Saint Reading” at the 2014 BYU Religious Education Student Symposium.
Something I found at my local Smith’s. This must be the kind of crackers they make in High Rock. (If you don’t get the reference, go play the Elder Scrolls series right now!)
My first ever selfie. I took it while trying on new clothes at American Eagle. (Yeah, I’m pretty white.) I didn’t want to keep coming in and out of the dressing room to show my brother-in-law the outfits I was trying on, so I sent him selfies like this one to show him what they looked like. 
A delightful T-shirt hanging up in the Hebrew house. I’m told it was procured in Jerusalem. 
This is from last Halloween. I was wearing my good ole Tracht when I came across this random girl wearing a dirndl. I didn’t even think to ask for her number! 
With my friends Ben (center) and Daniel (left). This was taken on Valentine’s Day. Because why not wear Lederhosen on Valentine’s Day?
The front page of an issue of the Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung from 1937. The caption reads: “In this number: Four pages of Fasching!” I can’t image how this could be more stereotypically German.

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