A Day Trip to Spring City

Das Café in Spring City, Utah.

A week or so ago I read an article in the Deseret News on a small restaurant named Das Café in Spring City, Utah.

The article caught my attention, and so, living only an hour away from Spring City, I decided to grab two of my friends (one from Germany, and one who served his mission in Germany) and check it out.

The ride to and from Spring City was great, with the bright, warm sun illuminating the beautiful snow-tipped mountains and spring Utah landscape.

We began our day trip with lunch. I had a vegetarian sandwich with sauerkraut. The meal was excellent. I also tried what’s called a Mormon Mocha, which is pero mixed with coco and whipped cream.

After that we checked out many of the art galleries in the small town. I was surprised at the artistic talent in the town, and enjoyed the many landscapes and portraits painted by local artists.

In addition to art, Spring City also has some interesting history, including 19th century and early 20th century Mormon architecture.

As we explored the town we discovered a local potter who sells handmade cups, bowls, and other pottery. I bought a mug, which I used to drink out of the actual spring of Spring City.

As an added bonus, the potter was, as he called himself, the only Democrat in all of Sanpete county. We spent some time chatting about politics and being Mormon Democrats. I also complimented him on his awesome bumper stickers, which he told me he put on his car just to make his neighbors upset.

We concluded our afternoon of adventure by visiting an old schoolhouse that was being restored and running into some random llamas.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. It was made even better when I got back to Provo and purchased a 44 ounce “Jojo’s Mojo” soda at the local soda shop Sodalicious. A “Jojo’s Mojo” is made up of Dr. Pepper, pomegranate flavoring, and half & half. It’s exactly as good as it sounds.

If you ever get a chance, make sure to take a trip to Spring City and check it out!

Downtown Spring City.
A plaque detailing a brief history of the town.
An LDS meetinghouse built in 1902.

Orson Hyde’s home. 
A pottery shop where I bought a handmade mug. 
Not a typical bumper sticker for Sanpete county, but still awesome. 
The spring of Spring City.
An old school that’s under restoration.
A bishop’s storehouse from 1905.

Llamas on a farm.

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  1. This looks like a beautiful little town. I have visited many of the small towns along the I-15 corridor going south from Provo, all the way to St. George, but have never been to Spring City. It's now on my list! Oh, and I think those animals are alpacas, not llamas.

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