Time to Relax . . . With Dragons!

Keeping up with the maelstrom that is the Internet’s reaction to Kate Kelly’s excommunication, as well as some other stuff going on in my life right now, has wiped me out. So tonight I had to watch something that would take my mind off of stuff and let me escape everything, if only for a few hours.

Accordingly, tonight I re-watched what has to be my all-time favorite animated movie–––How to the Train Your Dragon.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I’d strongly recommend you drop what you’re doing, grab a bowl of popcorn, and just let your inner child squeal with delight as you soar through the clouds with Hiccup and Toothless.

As soon as you’re finished watching it, you then need to immediately go to your local theater and watch the sequel that came out a few weeks ago.

Honestly, there’s really nothing I can think of to criticize with these two films. Every time I watch them I just switch off my critical thinking, forget everything that I learned in my film class about critiquing motion pictures, and enjoy the fun. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?