Deutschland ist Weltmeister!

The year was 1954, and it was the FIFA World Cup. It had been just one decade since Germany had been decimated by the Allies in World War 2, and the German populace was demoralized and disheartened. But then West Germany, the underdog, beat the powerhouse Hungary in a 3-2 championship match in Bern, Switzerland that has since been dubbed “Das Wunder von Bern” or “The Miracle of Bern.”

The words of German radio commentator Herbert Zimmermann have become legendary in Germany today. “Aus dem Hintergrund müsste Rahn schießen, Rahn schießt – TOR, TOR, TOR, TOR!” Zimmermann screamed as Germany made its winning goal. “Halten Sie mich für verrückt, halten Sie mich für übergeschnappt,” Zimmermann cried with passion.

When the whistle blew, Zimmermann exulted, “AUS! AUS! AUS! AUS! Das Spiel ist aus. Deutschland ist Weltmeister, schlägt Ungarn mit 3 zu 2 Toren im Finale in Bern!”

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Today, after a nail biting 120 minutes with Argentina, German fans everywhere can once again shout “Deutschland ist Weltmeister!” At the 113th minute, Mario Götze finally scored for Germany in a goal that would clinch the game.

Although perhaps not as dramatic as the 1954 game, this win is still significant in that it is the first time a European team has won the World Cup in South America.

It also rocks because now I can yell, “Deutschland ist Weltmeister!”