The Final Game–––Germany Vs. Argentina

Just one game away . . .
I have been following Germany in the 2014 FIFA World Cup since the team’s first game against Portugal. I was overcome with joy when Germany beat France a week ago (take that, you cheese eating surrender monkeys!), and was delightfully dumbfounded when the team scored a Brazillion points in the semifinal game.
Sunday will be the championship game against Argentina. I will be offering my sacrifices to the soccer gods and drawing my magic circles this Sunday. (Also, don’t tell my bishop, but I’m going to skip Elders Quorum to watch it.) I can’t wait!
(Left to Right): Herr Almoni with his pals Herr Parker, Fräulein Lauren, and Herr Tim (who’s actually from Germany) on the day of our smashing 7-1 blitzkrieg against Brazil.