Some December Miscellany

A few items to ponder:


This article from Evangelical commentator Brandan Robertson. As a Mormon I can get behind what Robertson says here.

A money quote:

Being a disciple of Jesus is a lifelong journey towards conforming ourselves to the image and way of life that Jesus taught.

 And this:

The problem is that a faith that is rooted in the Scripture alone is not sustainable. It will dry up and wither on the vine. While the Bible is an important and authoritative guide for Christian faith and practice, it isn’t the foundation or center of our faith- Jesus is. . . . He is the living Word that we can ask anything to and expect, in faith, to receive and answer. Sometimes he will speak through Scripture. Other times he will speak through our friends and family. Other times he will find unique and special ways to reveal himself to us.

All I would add is that He also speaks through living prophets.

And this:

Jesus says those who don’t obey will have no part in his Kingdom.

Neat stuff.


This video clip from the beloved 1964 TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which perfectly captures the essence of living in a Provo YSA ward. See especially the last part from 3:04–3:16.


This video.


This quote by Ronald Hendel:

These poems [Deuteronomy 32:8 and Joshua 5:11] evoke the family, tribal, and village settings of oral traditions of the ancient past. The stories of Genesis are derived from these ancient traditions transmitted through generations, recounted by fathers, elders, travelers, and bards who were the authoritative voices of tradition. (The Book of Genesis: A Biography [Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2013], 25–26.)