Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

Did you know that Brian C. Hales has a blog? It’s called Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, and covers . . . wait for it . . . Joseph Smith’s practice of plural marriage.

He also has a blog that you can read here. On his blog he has a new post about an encounter he recently had with John Dehlin. It’s titled “The June 9, 2014, Anti-Mormon Message of John Dehlin,” and you can read it here.

Make sure you read Hales’ comments in the comments section. It is very, very telling that Hales:

A) sent Dehlin a list of problems he had with Alex Beam’s treatment of Joseph Smith’s plural marriage in his new book American Crucifixion;
B) addressed all these issues in his own podcast with Dehlin, which Dehlin followed up on by doing his “aw shucks, I never heard that” routine when it came time to interview Beam;
C) was going to have a reply to Beam but Dehlin has now decided he doesn’t want to do it because he didn’t like that Hales’ wife grilled Beam after the presentation.

That’s as succinct a summary of Dehlin’s modus operendi as you’re likely to find.