“Why John Dehlin Faces Church Discipline”

This new item from Nathaniel Givens is worth reading.

This paragraph, especially, is right on target.

In sum, Dehlin has openly repudiated core teachings of the Mormon faith, condoned the work and opinions of anti-Mormons, and been instrumental (in his own estimation) in leading “many more people” to leave than to stay, and—while he has cannily refused to publicly state his desire to lead Mormons out of the Church—he has been so successful at doing it that he has a positive reputation among many in the post- and ex-Mormon community as an undercover anti-Mormon. One commenter, for example, wrote that that although “he does not make it crystal clear he isn’t a Mormon… everyone knows Dehlin is a mole in the Mormon church.”

In other news, Elder Quentin L. Cook spoke at a fireside in Logan last Sunday and gave some very timely counsel.