On Judgement and Theistic Science

This quote from Andrew Steane is insightful. Atheists fear that theism is oppressive because it sets an all-powerful judge over us. Obviously, all good things can be abused, but theism is not oppressive when it connects God profoundly to weakness, not power when it comes to personal relationships. It does include judgement, because caring about … Read more

Faithful to Science

I continue to enjoy Andrew Steane’s new book Faithful to Science: The Role of Science in Religion. Below is another part of his book that I found particularly insightful. Faith is also central to science. This is not only in the obvious (and important) sense that scientists have to talk to and trust one another, but … Read more

More Thoughts from Andrew Steane

Here is a collection of more quotes from Andrew Steane’s excellent book Faithful to Science. (See also here and here.) Miracles are events that break the rules, but not in an arbitrary way–––they are pointers to a larger set of rules (p. 95). Compare this with these remarks from the LDS Bible Dictionary. Miracles should … Read more