Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

Did you know that Brian C. Hales has a blog? It’s called Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, and covers . . . wait for it . . . Joseph Smith’s practice of plural marriage. He also has a blog that you can read here. On his blog he has a new post about an encounter he recently had … Read more

President Benson on Apostasy

President Ezra Taft Benson (1899–1994). A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and I want to repost it here. President Benson once taught: “Sometimes we hear someone refer to a division in the Church. In reality, the Church is not divided. It simply means that there are some who, for the time being at … Read more

“Have Nothing to do With Them”

One of the frescoes on the ceiling of Karlskirche in Vienna (completed in 1737) depicting either: (A) an angel burning the heretical works of a Protestant theologian or (B) Moroni torching the collected transcripts of John Dehlin’s podcast interviews and Kate Kelly’s “Six Discussions.” It has just been reported by the New York Times (and picked up … Read more