An Interesting Tidbit from Manetho

Anyone familiar with Ptolemaic Egypt, or indeed the study of Egyptian history at all, knows the name Manetho. Something really interesting that I stumbled upon in Manetho’s Aegyptiaca this morning is the following. Now, if you care to compare these figures with Hebrew chronology, you will find that they are in perfect harmony. Egypt is … Read more

More Blatant Misrepresentations from Jeremy Runnells

Jeremy Runnells has a bad habit of misquoting people. As I showed on my blog a little while ago, he misquoted the printed endorsements of Brian Hales’ three-volume Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, for example. Most recently, he has misquoted both a dead and a living Latter-day Saint apologist, namely, B. H. Roberts and Daniel C. Peterson. … Read more

New Day for the Book of Mormon

A new video on the Book of Mormon titled “New Day for the Book of Mormon” premiered after General Conference on BYUtv. It features interviews with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Terryl Givens, Stephen C. Webb, Paul Gutjahr, John W. Welch, and others. I wanted to transcribe a few of my favorite lines from the film, … Read more

October 2014 General Conference

It’s not too late to watch tomorrow’s concluding sessions! Today I attended the afternoon session of the October 2014 General Conference with my former roommate and current friend Anthony Vera. It is always a delight and pleasure to attend General Conference, and today was no exception. Besides having the opportunity to sustain President Thomas S. … Read more