Social Deification in Ancient Egyptian and Mormon Theology

Detail of an image inside the tomb of Sennedjem, discovered at the necropolis of Deir el-Medina and dating to the 19th dynasty. Here Sennedjem is accompanied by his wife Lyneferti and wields the “sekhem-scepter, a symbol of power.” (Image and description via Tour Egypt.) The German Egyptologist Jan Assmann has some interesting observations about the ancient … Read more

Rev’rently, Quietly

The temple of Edfu, completed in 57 BC. Latter-day Saints since Primary are taught that reverence for God (especially in sacred space such as the temple) includes a softness of voice. Rev’rently, quietly, lovingly we think of thee; Rev’rently, quietly, softly sing our melody. Rev’rently, quietly, humbly now we pray, Let thy Holy Spirit dwell … Read more