Gadiantonism as a Counterfeit Temple Priesthood

A depiction of Cain slaying Abel by Gustave DorĂ©. The Gadianton Robbers are infamous among readers of the Book of Mormon. The phrase “secret combination(s),” now synonymous among Latter-day Saints for conspiracy, was used by Mormon to describe them (Helaman 2:8; 3:23; 6:38). They are introduced in the book of Helaman during “the fortieth year of … Read more

The Book of the Dead as a Temple Text and Its Implications for the Book of Abraham

Last month I presented at the 2014 Temple on Mount Zion symposium on the Book of the Dead as a temple text. The video of my presentation is now online. My understanding is that the proceedings of the conference (including my paper) will be published sometime next year. As I re-watch my presentation, I realize … Read more

Rev’rently, Quietly

The temple of Edfu, completed in 57 BC. Latter-day Saints since Primary are taught that reverence for God (especially in sacred space such as the temple) includes a softness of voice. Rev’rently, quietly, lovingly we think of thee; Rev’rently, quietly, softly sing our melody. Rev’rently, quietly, humbly now we pray, Let thy Holy Spirit dwell … Read more