Is the Church “Burying” the Gospel Topics Essays?

A phenomenon I’ve observed with some critics of the Church on the Internet is the propensity to “move the goalposts” when confronted with evidence that contradicts their arguments. For those who aren’t familiar with this metaphor, moving the goalposts occurs when someone in a debate “change[s] the criterion (goal) of a process or competition while still … Read more

Latter-day Saint vs. Community of Christ Views on the Historicity of the Book of Mormon

The temple of the Community of Christ in Independence, Missouri. I took this picture when I visited this site last year. This afternoon I ran into Professor Alex Baugh on BYU campus, who very kindly handed me a copy of the latest issue of the Mormon Historical Studies journal. As I was thumbing through the … Read more

More Conspiracies! More Plots!

The Church’s devious attempts to suppress the naked truth of Joseph Smith’s fraud and deception continues unabated. For example, next month’s New Era includes an article by David A. Edwards titled “True or False.” “If you’ve ever taken a test with true-or-false questions, you know it’s sometimes hard to spot a falsehood,” begins Edwards. “Likewise, … Read more

Becoming Like God

Der Götterrat (1622) by Peter Paul Rubens In his poem “Grenzen der Menschheit,” Goethe rhetorically asks, “Was underscheidet Götter von Menschen?” (“What distinguishes gods from men?”) The Church has released it’s latest essay on controversial topics. This time it’s on the subject of deification. (Link) The article is excellent, and is exactly what I, as a Latter-day … Read more