Tom Phillips Reacts to the Failure of the October Surprise

You may have seen various “Hitler Reacts” videos on YouTube. They’re made from a clip taken from the 2004 German film Der Untergang (one of my favorite films, incidentally). In this scene, Hitler goes bonkers when he’s informed that Obergruppenf├╝hrer Felix Steiner was not able to amass enough troops to break the Soviet stronghold on Berlin. … Read more

MormonThink: Fair and Balanced?

Are these really the best adjectives to describe MormonThink? One of the complaints I hear from the proprietors and/or supports of MormonThink is that it is unfair to characterize MormonThink as being “anti-Mormon” or as being unfair and overly critical of the Church. If you read the purpose statement on MormonThink you’ll see gratuitous (and … Read more