Tom Phillips Reacts to the Failure of the October Surprise

You may have seen various “Hitler Reacts” videos on YouTube. They’re made from a clip taken from the 2004 German film Der Untergang (one of my favorite films, incidentally). In this scene, Hitler goes bonkers when he’s informed that Obergruppenf├╝hrer Felix Steiner was not able to amass enough troops to break the Soviet stronghold on Berlin. … Read more

“fraud case thrown out”

From the BBC. You can read the court decision here. From Judge Howard Riddle. “It is obvious that this proposed prosecution attacks the doctrine and beliefs of the Mormon Church. . . . I am satisfied that the process of the court is being manipulated to provide a high-profile forum to attack the religious beliefs … Read more

MormonThink: Fair and Balanced?

Are these really the best adjectives to describe MormonThink? One of the complaints I hear from the proprietors and/or supports of MormonThink is that it is unfair to characterize MormonThink as being “anti-Mormon” or as being unfair and overly critical of the Church. If you read the purpose statement on MormonThink you’ll see gratuitous (and … Read more