Poll Questions

A commenter on this post left an interesting comment. I would love to see a post in which you poll the average member during Sunday meetings and ask the following questions:1) Have you ever been taught by the church that Joseph used his own seer stone (which he found buried in the ground) in the … Read more

I’ve a Mother There

Heavenly Mother by John Hafen. “Come to me, here’s the myst’ry that man hath not seen; / Here’s our Father in heaven, and Mother, the Queen.”– William W. Phelps, “A Voice from the Prophet: Come to Me” (1844). One aspect of Latter-day Saint doctrine that distinguishes Mormonism from other contemporary Christian sects is the Mormon affirmation … Read more

Terryl Givens on the Pre-Mortal Council in the Book of Abraham

“O Marduk, you are the most important among the great gods!” In my recent paper on the cosmology of the Book of Abraham I draw attention to the similarities between the Book of Abraham and the Mesopotamian myth Enuma Elish. Also significant for Latter-day Saints is the Enuma Elish’s depiction of the primeval theomachy in the … Read more

Another Round of Photos

Here are some more photos documenting my week so far. My roommate Chris returning from the hipster Mecca known as Coachella. He is wearing the appropriate hipster garb. I’m told he brought me back a pair of hipster glasses. Pictures of those to follow. The Students of the Ancient Near East (SANE) Council for the Winter … Read more