“Satan and Satire: On the Narratives of Excommunication and ‘Persecution'”

My friend, fellow Mormon blogger, and apparently heartless jerk who likes to compare people he disagrees with to Satan Neal Rappleye has written an excellent piece on his blog titled “Satan and Satire: On the Narratives of Excommunication and “Persecution”. I strongly recommend you read it. I heartily endorse what Neal said. Just one comment … Read more

While We’re At It

I suppose now is as good a time as any to draw attention to Greg Smith’s “Dubious ‘Mormon’ Stories.” The coverage of this issue by the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune is also not bad. At the very least, these sources recognize what Dehlin is: a “Mormon critic” and a “podcaster” (and not a … Read more

For the Record

For the record, this is the letter sent to John Dehlin by his Stake President Bryan C. King on August 7, 2014. In this letter, President King makes it clear why Dehlin was being placed on disciplinary probation and what Dehlin had to do to ensure he didn’t face a disciplinary council. (Click to images … Read more

John Dehlin Faces Excommunication

A scene from John Dehlin’s upcoming disciplinary council, probably. After years of palling around with anti-Mormon apostates (e.g. Tom Phillips, Simon Southerton, Brent Metcalfe, Jeremy Runnells, Grant Palmer, etc.), systematically undermining Church teachings on the law of chastity and the role of the priesthood, flaunting his disdain and contempt for the Brethren, openly deriding the … Read more

A Follow-Up and Correction

In my post here I stated that I essentially agreed with a comment made by David Bokovoy on the nature of biblical historiography. Biblical authors were not historians, at least not in the modern sense of the term. They were storytellers. Their accounts were certainly sacred, but they were also entertaining, and sometimes even political … Read more

Das Evangelium nach Lukas

Last night I was reading the Gospel of Luke in the Einheitsübersetzung when I came across this commentary. Die Sonderüberlieferungen des Lukas stehen im Dienst seiner theologischen Aussagen. Er zeigt in Jesus den Heiland der Verlorenen, der sozial Entrechteten, der Frauen, der Zöllner und Sünder. Jesus offenbarte die Menschenliebe Gottes auf bezwingende Weise. Alle Christen müssen daher … Read more