“Isis post video allegedly showing mass beheading of Coptic Christian hostages”

As reported by the Guardian, ISIS–––that degenerate, nihilistic death cult–––recently allegedly executed 21 Coptic Egyptian Christians in a mass murder. Unfortunately, there appears to be little reason to doubt the veracity of this report. If ever Matthew 10:32 applied to anyone, it applies to these and other martyrs who have died in the conflict with … Read more

Are You an Active Mormon? Kate Kelly is Insulting You (But You’re Probably Too Stupid to Realize It)

If you’re an active, faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, are content with your membership in the Church, are happy to sustain Church leaders, willingly keep your covenants, and aren’t on a feminist crusade to tear down the patriarchy at any cost, then Kate Kelly has a message for you. … Read more